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"Launching Your Successful Distilling Business" Course Six Monthly Payments

This course is ideal for people who want to open their distillery doors in the coming year, those already operating and are hoping to grow market share, or distilleries interested in diversifying their business.

Here are some things you should expect from this course:

  • Marketing Planning tools and insights to help position your brand and products
  • Business processes and tools to plan your future growth
  • Distribution options and making your brand work for you
  • Guidance on nailing your recipe and your distilling processes
  • Training options and where to find more information
  • Checklists to help you plan your first few years
  • Distillery and facility set-up guidance, and
  • Preparing for future growth.

What People Are Saying:

The Distillers’ Institute Planning course was essential in establishing the direction for our new distillery. If this Launching your Successful Distillery course was available back then I have no doubt we would have been able to execute faster and probably come in on budget. This course takes the guess work out of most of the process once you are at the point of no return. We were lucky enough to get a preview and found Module 7 which is about Starting Production particularly useful and critical for any distillery. We think this is well worth the money. For us, we got there in the end but it could have been a lot less painful if we had this course! A rising tide floats all boats.

Rachel & Dylan Falecki

The Distillers Institute online course is a must for anyone thinking of entering the distilling business. What I have found, having built a few businesses from scratch, is that it takes years to gain the industry knowledge of what is available in this course. I have been so impressed with the professional content and the support from Anne on my journey into distilling. So If you are wanting to equip yourself with a broader knowledge of the spirit industry and put yourself years ahead on your journey then sign up and get started. You will love it.

Peter Mumford

We are a husband and wife duo from Perth WA. Just wanted to share some great news!!! We have finally got keys to our warehouse and just received our producer’s and liquor license. All systems are go, and we are simply over the moon! Thank you for all your advice, guidance and course content! As well as posts from members in this group. We took everything onboard, gathered as much info as we can and helped us believe (what seemed impossible at the start) it is possible. Still a lot of work ahead of us but just wanted to share where we are at and hope to motivate others to go for it!!!

Celina Hook

In December 2020, I decided I wanted to become a distiller and start a distillery. We recently received the final approval (liquor license) and our gin still has finally been commissioned. Our whisky still is due to arrive in a few short weeks and our cellar door will open in late Jan 2022. A pretty good day. I look forward to sharing the details of the launch of our gin brand in the coming weeks but I couldn't have gotten this far without The Distillers Institute and the team within, along with the fantastic people that I have met through the course and the introductions I have also been given. It is a wonderful industry to be a part of. I look forward to sharing a drink with you all soon.

Rob Watt