Launching Your Successful Distilling Business Course

This course takes you on a detailed journey, covering everything you need to know to take the next step in the first few years of your distillery, or to turbo charge your sales, distribution and marketing if you’ve been operating for a while. 

It will help distilleries get their business in shape to allow it to grow and be successful in the market and to optimise how the business works and taking product to market. It is also designed to build on our first course - Planning your Successful Distilling Business, as you take the next step in your business journey.

This course is perfect for people who are ready to start their distilling business, or those who have started planning and building their distillery but have some elements they still need to work through. 

In short, it’s ideal for Graduates of our Planning course, Distillers ready to grow and Distillers looking to perfect or improve areas of their business.

If you tick one of the following boxes, this course is ideal for you right now.

  • I have started planning my distillery and I’m ready to take the next step
  • I have business, investment or set-up questions 
  • I’m operating but need help with my business processes
  • I need help with marketing and distribution
  • I’m trying to work out whether to employ people or do everything myself
  • I’m ready to launch my spirit, brand, product but am unsure what to do first
  • I need help taking the next step after getting my licence to distil
  • I have a problem I can’t seem to fix by myself
  • I’m ready to grow but don’t know where to start.

If this is you, then jump in.

Launching your Successful Distilling Business has over 40 recommended books, podcasts and courses to help you with strategy, management, finance, sales, marketing and production and more than 40 templates, including: Distillery Project Plan (GANTT chart), Complex Business Model and Marketing Plan. 

The Distillery Project Plan is your road map to a faster opening and can potentially save you money. It gives you a realistic benchmark timeline you can adjust, so you can see when your opening day could likely be. 

The Complex Business Model builds on the Advanced Business Model in Course One, with:

  • The forecast is extended from five to 10 years
  • A monthly forecast for the first year allows you to load your budget into XERO or other accounting software and easily run your budget v actual report from there
  • A Cost of Manufacturing (COM) template helps you draft this important cost structure
  • A more detailed resourcing matrix allows you to mark what roles are activated, at what wage and in which year
  • Variable wage costs like casuals in the Tasting Room / Cellar Door or a Bar auto-calculated from the hours and people per shift you set
  • The distilling wages and the number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Distillers auto-calculates based on the annual LALs your sales plan says you need to produce, and
  • A living valuation tab provides you an estimate of what your business could be sold for, using a Discounted Cash Flow method.

The course is an essential checklist for your new distilling business, running through all the business and compliance processes you should have in place. This includes:

  • Providing business templates to help you operationalise and streamline your business
  • Work through the training options if you have skill gaps
  • Help you to fine tune and lock down recipes and processes
  • Guide you to make good decisions about growth
  • Help you with recruitment
  • Guide your marketing, distribution  and sales decisions, and
  • Set you on the path for future success.

This course should be considered as critical learning for those just starting out, or those thinking about growing their distilling business.

Here is an outline of the questions each module will put to you, and the documents we recommend you work through:

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This professional course, Launching your Successful Distilling Business, is available at a one-off investment of $4,495 including GST. 

We’ve built the course to be the equivalent of a professional business course and it is designed to be essential professional development for any new distilling business owner that wants to establish sustainable business and production practices in their distillery for the future. 

This course builds on the first course, Planning your Successful Distilling Business, and will match the journey that a new business will take as they move into years one to five. 

At the end of this course you will have worked through:

  1. Your project Plan and GANTT chart
  2. Your projections for the future
  3. Advanced marketing and sales planning
  4. Cost of Manufacture and refined your recipes
  5. Put systems in place to manage your business and production, and
  6. Improved your professional development capability across your distillery.

We’re confident this Course will be a vital professional development tool for your business and your future.

Welcome to the next level.

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