How will these courses help?

If you are thinking about starting a distillery or spirits business, the Planning your Successful Australian Distillery course provides a roadmap for the journey. If you are already operating and want to grow and expand, the Launching course will help you execute this growth.

The Planning course will help you work out costs, size and scale and the decisions you need to make along the way. It will save you money and heartache.

After completing this course you can consider growth and expansion by doing the Launching your Successful Distillery course.

..."This is a comprehensive and business focussed course unlike anything currently available for those setting up a distillery. Incredibly fine-tuned to the industry, with an amazing array of customisable documents that filled a (large) number of gaps in my knowledge. Worth every fact feels like a real bargain."
- Shannon, Wee Jasper Distillery

What can you expect?

Our courses will help people who are thinking about starting their own spirits business, develop the skills and confidence to take the plunge. 

Members receive access to content via an online portal, specifically created for the Australian distilling community by experts in the Australian industry. Monthly Masterclasses are included as well as access to a private Facebook group.

600+ Members undertaking a course.

The ‘Planning Your Successful Distillery’ course guides your distilling journey covering everything from research and product decisions, to technical training, how to write distillery specific business plans and financial models, to marketing strategies and sales projections.

This is the 'essential roadmap' for anyone thinking of setting up their dream distillery business in Australia.

- "Distilling and setting up your own business can be a lonely task. The Distillers Institute gave me the confidence I was on the right track." - Stuart, course participant.

How does it work?

The Distillers Institute provides a step-by-step process over two courses to plan your distillery. They guide you through the economics, compliance, safety and skills required to become an active distiller.

We share what the Australian Tax Office will be expecting in order to get your licence, give you options on where to purchase equipment and guide you to the right industry consultants (if desired).

This is a self-paced online course that new distillers can use to plan and execute their distillery, with support from experts in the Australian distilling industry.

We offer insights from active Australian distilleries that have been through their own journey and are now selling their products. Once you’re rolling, you’re on the way to being a part of the Australian Distilling community.

About The Distillers Institute

The Distillers Institute was born from the passion of four distilling industry professionals who wanted to help people who wanted to start distilling with the knowledge and networks to do so.

Built from the foundations established by the Tasmanian Whisky Academy in 2015, the four Founders Anne, Troy, Brett and Ian created launched the Tasmanian-based business in 2020. They have created a valuable and well researched set of courses built with the support of some of the industry's greats.

Now, there are more than 500 students, around 40 have already opened their doors and these students have already moved from good to great.

We launched in New Zealand in January 2023, with the goal to support the industry to grow sustainably and successfully. Join the distilling elite.

Anne Gigney

Anne Gigney

Anne is the Director of the Tasmanian Whisky Academy and has trained over 500 of Australia and New Zealand’s distillers. She is a Board member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (APac) and advocate for education in Australia’s distilling industry. Anne’s passion is helping others make a success of their dreams and drinking delicious brandy, whisky and gin.

Anne Gigney

Troy Trewin

Since 2011 Troy has been managing and growing whisky businesses in Australia and New Zealand, as CEO of three separate and well-respected brands. In recent years he has been advising other up-and-coming distilleries, or those already in a fast-growth phase.

Troy’s passion is helping distillery founders grasp the true economics and realities of growing a spirit business from nothing, or with limited capital, to something of meaning in the industry and great value. Since early 2017 Troy has been the Chairperson of fast-growing craft brewery, Hobart Brewing Co – the second largest craft brewer in Tasmania.

In late 2019 Troy started hosting a 30 minute weekly podcast interviewing small business owners with 5 to 30 team members, who grew their business to something bigger. Industries interviewed so far include spirits, beer, cider, tech, pharmacy, retail, restaurant, ecommerce and professional services.

Anne Gigney

Brett Steel

Brett is the Founding Director and General Manager of Spirit Thief Distilling Co, established in 2015 as an independent bottling company. With capital investment secured for the company in 2018, Spirit Thief now has a variety of casks ready for future releases from a number of Tasmanian distilleries and around the world, and is now transitioning into brewing, distilling and maturing their own whisky in Huntingfield Tasmania. 

Brett was the founder of Tasmanian Whisky Tours in 2013 which later became Drink Tasmania Premium Tours and has five years experience taking guests to Tasmanian breweries, wineries and distilleries in a tourism capacity.

Anne Gigney

Ian Thorn

Ian is a technical brewer and distiller who has worked in the beverage manufacturing industry since 2006. In that time he has worked in both the UK and Australia in small, medium and large companies.

Ian started his career as a Brewery Microbiologist (Scottish & Newcastle) before going on to become a Head Brewer of a small English brewery (Stroud Brewery). In the whisky industry he has worked as a Distiller, a Distillery Manager, a Technical Manager (Starward), and his current primary role is that of Operations Manager for a new Rye Grain Distillery in Melbourne (The Gospel Distillers).

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