Planning Your Successful Distilling Business

Everything you need to know to plan and get your Australian distilling or spirits business going in 12 months

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This course takes you on a targeted journey...

This course is the ideal roadmap to navigate opening your own distillery in the next 12 months.

It covers everything you need to know to plan your distillery. From thinking through ideas, planning finances, and working out all the things needed to plan or purchase along the way.

Like any small business, starting a distillery takes planning, and an understanding of all the moving parts and skills you need to succeed. The course will help you think through, plan and execute the steps to open an Australian distillery.

This course should be considered as the starting point for anyone thinking about a distillery business. It is practical, easy to use and provides tips, tricks, templates and a solid guide to reaching your goal.

As part of the course you have access to webinars with industry professionals and a private Facebook group where you can ask The Distillers Institute Founders and other Members questions on your journey.

So sit back, get ready and let's go.

300+ Members undertaking the course!

Here is an outline of the questions each module will put to you, and the documents we recommend you work through:

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With over 30 years combined experience on the distilling industry in Australia, New Zealand and the UK the Founders of The Distillers Institute offer you insight into their varied skills and experience.

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Natasha Brown

Tasmania (June 2020)

“Excellent news, today I got confirmation of my licence being approved by the ATO, utilising the learnings and templates from this course definitely supported achievement of this in a seamless way. Lot of hard work still to be done but one less hurdle. Thanks so much, this course has really helped.”

Jonathan Harris

Aspiring Distillery Business Owner | NSW, Australia (April 2020)

"There’s something in this course for everyone wanting to get started or who have already started the journey in distilling. This course definitely gets me both excited and amazed but provides some clear direction and motivations of where your aspirations can fit into distilling."

Bodie Heit

Aspiring Distillery Business Owner | QLD, Australia (April 2020)

"I got interested in distilling a couple of years ago and the interest has grown into a bit of a passion (my wife would say obsession). I'm dreaming of building a beautiful little distillery from nothing into something that will eventually support my family and maybe one day be passed on to our boys and their families. Until now it has just been a dream but signing up for this course feels like it might be the first steps to make it reality. It certainly seems to be the kind of resource that has been missing here in Australia and I'm looking forward to diving in."

David Robertson

Founder | Walrus Distillery | Brisbane, Australia (March 2020)

"Troy and his team were brilliant in developing a business strategy and financial structure to support our new distillery. Troy was able to provide comprehensive information but in a language we could understand. We now feel very well equipped to evolve our distillery into a successful business. Troy’s knowledge about the industry, his advice and support are second to none. We couldn’t have got here without him."