Getting your start in the distilling industry

If you are thinking about starting  in distilling in Australia or New Zealand and are not quite sure what's involved, this short course is the right place to start. Ideal for people who want to work in the industry, or for future distillery owners who want to know what's ahead.

  • Compact course to help you get into distilling
  • Overview of the industry
  • The sorts of opportunities available
  • The sorts of skills that will be valued
  • Ways to prepare your distilling resume
  • Training courses available to get started
  • Links and ideas to get you started

Purchase the "Getting your start in the distilling industry" course now!

You can purchase the course with one upfront payment. If you want guidance on how to Plan and execute your distillery, then Planning your Successful Distillery might be a better course to consider. But if you're not sure then jump in here first.